Build Simple and Complex Games

Build Games Quickly

Actimator comes with visual level editor, integrated physics editor, and drag-and-drop visual programming. You can make a full-fledged game in only a few hours.

Add Physics Easily

The integrated physics engine combined with the visual interface lets you create complex physics-based games easily and rapidly.

Publish your Game on Web and Mobile

Ready to share your game with the world? With the press of a button, you can export your game for Web, iOS and Android platforms.

Web Based



Building a game requires multiple skills and involves game designers, developers, and artists working together. With actimator, multiple users can work on the same game at the same time.


Your team can be distributed across the world. When working on a game together, changes made by a user are applied to all other users instantly.

Teach Computer Science


Students learn Computer Science and coding while making video games.


We prepare teachers to bring Computer Science to their school.