Cosmic Bird I

This course teaches you how to make a game similar to Flappy Bird only in a few hours. You will also learn the basics of game design and programming with Actimator.


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  • 24 steps    
  • Self-paced text and video tutorials


  • Setup the Scene

    We start by uploading the game assets into our project. Then we create a scene and apply a background image.

  • Make the Bird

    We Make the bird actor and add it to the scene. We set the gravity and make the bird fly.

  • Make the Walls

    We make the walls to stop the bird from going out of the scene.

  • Make the Asteroid

    We make the asteroids and program them to move towards the bird.

  • The First Draft

    We complete the first draft of the game by adding sound, managing the collisions and creating the game over scene.

  • Generate Asteroids

    We create a scene manager and program it to generate asteroids during the game.

  • Add Score

    We count points each time the bird passes an asteroid.