Break Stone I

In this introductory course, you'll learn how to use Actimator to make and program a basic game.


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  • 10 steps    
  • Self-paced text and video tutorials


  • Setup the Scene

    Start by uploading the game assets into your project. Then create a scene and apply a background image.

  • Make the Ball and Walls

    Make the ball and wall actors. The ball moves, hits the walls, and bounces back.

  • Make the Paddle

    Program the paddle to move left and right using the keyboard.

  • Make the Game Over Scene

    What happens when the ball passes the paddle? The player loses!

  • Make the Breaks

    The ball hits breaks and bounces back. Breaks are removed when they are hit.

  • Make Touch Controls

    Make the game playable on touch screen devices by adding buttons to control the paddle.