2.3. A Tour of the Lab

Once you create a new project, it appears in the “My Projects” page. To work on your game, click on the Lab link at the bottom of the project. This will take you to the game design environment (the Lab).

Lab Overview

All development for your game happens in the Lab. The Lab contains three main areas; the Top Menu, Bottom Menu, and the Gallery

2.3.2. The Programming Area

Program Intro

In the Programming Area, you can code how an actor behaves.

2.3.3. Collaboration

The Attendants icon at the bottom-right of the screen allows you to view how many users are in the session. When you click on it you can see a list the users with their names and avatars.


The Chat icon located at the bottom-right of the screen. When clicked, it opens the chat box.


The avatar of the user making a change(in the Scene Editor or the Programming Area) is displayed above that change for all users to see.


2.3.4. Top Menu


Invite button

You can invite others to join your project. Just press the invite button and enter the email addresses of everyone you want to invite. Each person will receive an email indicating that you have invited them as a collaborator for this project. Once they accept the invitation, they can access the project and join you as a collaborator from their “My Projects” page.

Invite box

Save, Autosave, and Versioning:

Actimator autosaves frequently. If you wish to save at specific time, just click the Save button.

Save button

To save a version of your game, click the down arrow on the save button and input a version number and description of changes you made in that version.


The notification bar at the top of the screen display the most recent change made to the project. When clicked, it displays a list of all the changes made during the session.



Once satisfied with your game, you can publish it:

Publish button

You will have the choice to publish to the web(HTML5), to the App Store(iOS), and to the Play Store(Android).

Publish choice

Closing a Project:

To return to your projects page, press the close button.

Close button

2.3.5. Bottom Menu

The menu on the bottom-left the screen has four options.

Bottom menu

  • Volume – Controls the volume of Actimator
  • Bugs – Allows you to submit a bug report
  • Quick Link – Provides a URL to the current project your working on
  • Settings – Allows you to set the device’s screen orientation