6.5. Publish Your Game for the WebΒΆ

Once you create a version of your game , you can publish your game for the Web. This will allow anyone to play your game on any device using a Web browser.

  1. To publish your game to the Web, go to the Publish age:

    • If you are in the Lab, click on the Publish button, and then click on the Go to Publish Page link.
    • If you are in My-Projects page, find the game that you want to publish, click on the More button, and the click on the Publish button.
  2. Once you are on the Publish page, click on the Web tab.

  3. Read the instructions to publish your game.

  4. Select the version of your game that you wish to publish from the drop down menu.

  5. Press the Publish to Web button.

You have to see a message like “The new version was successfully published on the Web.” That’s All. Your game is published and You can share it on your social network to let others play your game.

  • Your game page is located at: https://www.actimator.com/app/[your game’s domain]
  • Your game can be played at: https://www.actimator.com/app/play/[your game’s domain]