1. What is Actimator?ΒΆ

Actimator is a Web-based, collaborative, visual game development software for making and publishing 2D games. The primary focus of Actimator is being educational — easy to learn, in particular for those with no coding skills — without compromising the quality of games that can be built.

Using Actimator’s visual environment, you can:

  • Practice video game design and programming skills.
  • Create a computer game with your friends.
  • Code together and learn coding from each other.
  • Add physics such as gravity, density, and forces to your game.
  • Publish your game on the Actimator Website and share it with your social network.
  • Playtest your game on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, using Actimator Player app.
  • Export your game for iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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