3.5. Scenes

Scenes are where everything in your game comes together. They can be menus, levels, or you can make a whole game in one scene. You can drag images, actors, and sounds to the scene. Scenes are split into layers that control the order in which images are laid on the scene. Each scene has it’s own properties that can be set like; Size, Scale, Aspect Ratio, and Gravity.

3.5.1. Creating a Scene

To create a new scene:

  • Click on the Scenes tab
  • Press the Add Scene button
  • Give the scene a name
  • Press the Create button

Starting scene:

When you hover your cursor above a scene a flag appears. When you click the flag next to to a scene, that scene is set as the starting scene.

3.5.2. Editing a Scene

To edit a scene, just click on the scene’s name.

3.5.3. Removing a scene

To remove a scene, press the x button next to that scene.

3.5.4. Renaming a scene

To rename a scene:

  • Double-click on the scene’s name.
  • Enter the new name for the scene.
  • Press the Enter key.