3.8. Scenes - Advanced

3.8.1. Property Editor

The Property Explorer has three tabs; Scene, Entity, and Image. You can click on the scene tab at any time to set scene properties. When you click an entity or image on the scene, its specific properties appear in the Property Explorer.

Property explorer

3.8.2. Tools

Scene tools

  • Select – Allows you to select entities and images on the scene
  • Camera – Controls the viewport’s position on the scene
  • Draw – Draws entities on the scene with one click, instead of dragging them
  • Erase – Erases entities on the scene with one click
  • Stop Scene – Stops the scene from running
  • Play Scene – Plays or pauses the scene
  • Rotation – Sets the viewport to either portrait or landscape
  • Navigation – Opens and closes the navigation window
  • Background Image – Adds or changes the background image
  • Background Audio – Adds or changes the background audio

3.8.3. Dimensions

Width and Height:

You can resize your scene by setting the width and height. Keep the game orientation(portrait or landscape) in mind when sizing the screen. Depending on the size of your scene, it may not completely visible. The default size of a scene is 1280 x 720.

Aspect Ratio:

Aspect ratio is the ratio between the width and height of an image. The default aspect ratio in Actimator is 16:9, which is the same ratio as the default width and height. Many devices have screens with different aspect ratios.

3.8.4. Viewport

The viewport is the visible portion of your game. You can adjust the viewport to see how your game might look on different devices, you can also adjust how the scene is scaled to the viewport.

You can set the Scaling Method of a viewport in the scene’s properties:

  • “Fit in Viewport” - This option will make the scene fit in side the view port while still preserving the aspect ratio.
  • “Stretch to Viewport” - This option will stretch the scene to fill the entire viewport, this can cause images to be distorted in there’s a big difference between the scene’s and the viewport’s aspect ratio.
  • “No Scaling” - This option will keep the scene’s size constant, even if it is smaller or larger than the viewport. If the scene is larger than the viewport, only the first 1280 x 720 pixels will be visible. You can view more of the scene by using the camera parameters.


Padding is the area around your scene if it doesn’t completely fill the viewport. You can change the padding color in the scene properties editor.

3.8.6. Camera

If your scene is larger than the viewport, you can reposition the viewport on the scene using the Camera X and Camera Y parameters.