3.1. Overview

This section provides a quick overview of all the Actimator’s game design elements.

  • Assets are images and audios used in a game. Asset files must be uploaded into the project to be used in the project. Learn more about Assets.
  • Actors are game characters. An Actor consists of an image, physics and image properties, and its program. Learn more about Actors.
  • Scenes: A game is made out of one more scenes. You can think of each scene as one level of the game. Each scene contains background/foreground images, background audio, and entities. Learn more about Scenes.
  • Entities represent game characters. Each entity is a copy of an Actor. We can draw an actor multiple times on the scene, each of which is an entity. Learn more about Entities.
  • Program: Each entity has a program that defines the behavior of that entity during the game. Entities use the program of their Actor for their behavior. This means entities that are created from the same actor will behave the same. Learn more about actor’s program.
  • Physics: Each entity has its own physics properties such as shape, density, bounciness, speed, and rotation speed. This allows you to easily and quickly create games similar to Flappy Bird and Angry Birds. Learn more about Physics.