3.2. Assets

Assets, simply put, are images and audio. Each asset is an image or audio file that can be uploaded from your computer into your project and used in your game.

3.2.1. Images

Image assets are used for backgrounds or foregrounds of a game scene, depicting game characters, and making animations.

Acceptable image file formats: Actimator accepts PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP files. For game characters (actors), it is recommended to use PNG files as PNG is the only format that allows images with a transparent background.

3.2.2. Audio

Audio assets are used for scene background audio, or sound effects.

Background Audio: For each scene, we can choose an audio file to be played as soon as the scene is started and as long as that scene is running. This is called a background audio. When an audio file is selected as background audio, it automatically restarts as soon as it ends.

Sound Effects: Sound effects (Sound FX) are played on certain occasions in the game, such as when the player touches an actor or when two actors hit each other. Sound effects are played using Actimator’s Audio commands from within an Actor’s program.

Acceptable audio file formats: Actimator supports MP3, WAV, and OGG file formats.

3.2.3. Uploading Assets

Each asset is an image or audio file that can be uploaded from your computer or a Google Image Search. To upload an asset file:

  • Click on the Assets tab Assets tab
  • Press the Upload assets button
  • Select files to upload to your project.

Multiple File Upload: Actimator makes it very easy to upload a lot of assets quickly into a project. To do this, you can select all files at once and upload them together. Actimator takes care of uploading all selected asset files. You can even upload images and audios together. When the uploading process is complete, all uploaded assets appear under images and audio sections.

Google Image Search: Actimator helps you quickly find image assets on Google Images. Just enter the name of the asset you are looking for and press the search button. Actimator uses Google Image Search to search for images that are “Labeled for reuse with modification”. When you find an image you like, save it to your desktop and upload it to your project. Make sure you understand the terms and have permission to use that image in your project.

3.2.4. Previewing an Asset

You can preview each asset. For images, move your mouse on the ? icon next to each image. For audio, press the play icon next to each audio

3.2.5. Replacing an Asset

You can replace a single asset by pressing the replace button next to that asset and selecting a new file. After the new file is uploaded, the current asset will be replaced by the new asset.

3.2.6. Renaming an Asset

To rename an Asset:

  • Double-click on the Asset’s name.
  • Enter the new name for the asset.
  • Press Enter key.

3.2.7. Removing an Asset

To remove an asset, press the x button next to the asset.

3.2.8. Asset Optimization

  • Quality: Actimator automatically resize the scene to fit/fill in the device screen. This can impact the quality of the game on larger displays if uploaded images are in low resolution. Make sure that uploaded images have enough quality to look perfect on large tablets and desktops.
  • File Size: The size of asset files can highly impact the loading time of your game. Make sure to optimize asset files before uploading them to Actimator.