3.3. Actors

Actors are game characters. An actor consists of an image, physics and image properties, and its program.

Actors are different from images in that images do not interact with any other image or actor on the scene. They do not move or change, do not have physics properties, and do not have a program. But actors can move, hit other actors and bounce back, play a sound, change their image, and so on.

A defining feature of actors is their program. With their programs, actors allow us to create the interactions in games. An actor’s program is created using Actimator’s Visual Programming Language.

3.3.1. Creating Actors

To create a new actor:

  • Click on the Actors tab Actors tab
  • Press the Add Actor button Create new actor

A New Actor window appears, here we can set all of the actor’s properties.

  • Name the actor
  • Select an image for the actor
  • Modify actor’s properties if needed
  • Press the Create Actor button

Actor properties

3.3.2. Modifying Actor’s Properties

We can always modify actor’s properties by clicking on the edit icon next to the Actor. Actor properties

Actor’s properties are not directly used in the game. However, when an Entity is created, either when making the game, or when the game is running, it automatically copies its actor’s properties.

Design time: When creating multiple entities of the same Actor on the scene, you can save time in setting their properties individually, by setting the Actor’s properties correctly.

Run time: When an entity is created using the program, it copies all initial values for its properties from its Actor properties. Therefore, by setting actor’s properties properly, you can make sure that any entity that is created during the game will appear and behave on the scene as you expect.

3.3.3. Renaming an Actor

To rename an actor:

  • Double-click on the actor’s name.
  • Enter the new name for the actor.
  • Press the Enter key.

3.3.4. Removing an Actor

To remove an actor, press the x button next to the actor.

3.3.5. Accessing Actor’s Program

Each actor has its own program. To access an Actor’s program, press the program icon next to that actor Code. Learn more about actor’s program.