Online Comptuter Science School

5 Weeks

6 Hours per Week

Weekly Modules

Program Summary

Actimator Academy is an online platform for K-12 Computer Science (CS) education. It includes a software specially made for learning computer science and coding, detailed hands-on courses, live training sessions, and community support. During the course, students learn the basics of computer science from the creators of Actimator in both live and recorded video formats, practice coding skills by making video games, and receive support from the community. The program is designed to meet the learning objectives of individual students as well as teachers who intend to teach Actimator courses in their school.

Important Dates

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January 13 - February 17, 2019

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By December 31, 2018

Game-based Curriculum

Video game design is the "Secret Sauce" that encourages students to learn Computer Science. Actimator curriculum is built around creating and publishing video games while students practice Computer Science and coding topics.

Live Training

Every Saturday we meet online to study a weekly module and do hands-on activities together. Can't make it on Saturdays? No problem. We'll record the training sessions and you can watch them later. Live Training is offered as Annual Membership during which you can repeat a course with no additional cost.

Community Support

Have questions? Need help? The community is here for you. Just post your questions and receive answers in a timely manner. And feel free to help others in the community.




In the first week, students are introduced to the Actimator platform and curriculum, and learn fundamentals of Actimator software and user interface.


Break Stone

In the second week, students learn to create and publish a game similar to the infamous Arcanoid arcade game. Students learn the basics of coding such as events and variables, and how to adjust game physics in Actimator.



In the third week, students will use their knowledge gained in the first week to work on a slightly more difficult project, during which they will create and publish a Pool game. Students practice new coding topics including conditionals.


Cosmic Bird

In the fourth week, students will learn to create and publish a game similar to the popular 'Flappy Bird' game. During this week students practice to use more conditionals, variables, and more advanced physics features of Actimator.


Myra's Dream

In the last week, students learn to create and publish a basic version of Myra's Dream, the Actimator's Hour of Code Activity. During this week, students put everything they learned during this course into practice. By the end of this week, they will ready to move up to the intermediate course which will be coming soon.


Assessment & Certification

In the last day, participants share their creations with the community, receive certificates, and directions for their next steps.


Computational Thinking

Algorithm Design
Object-Oriented Programming


Event-based programming
Conditionals and Loops


Event-Character Development
Scene Design
Game Mechanics


Logical conjunctions and Boolean logic
Cartesian Geometry

For Home

(Grades 4+)

The course includes detailed hands-on coding activities, during which students learn how to create and and publish four video games. Actimator's interactive lessons are specifically designed to be self-guided. Furthermore, students who join Actimator Academy will have access to weekly live training sessions, community forums, and direct support by Actimator Team. Actimator Academy is a perfect place for homeschoolers, students with no Computer Science course at their school, and students who look for learning more than the basic topics taught at their school.

For School

In addition to the regular 4-week course, teachers will receive:

  • A one-year classroom license (30 students) for Actimator curriculum

  • Access to the Actimator Teachers community

  • Course Assessment Kits

Reserve Your Seat


What is Annual Membership? When you register for a course, you are automatically enrolled in a one-year membership in Actiamtor Academy which includes access to new courses, educator resources, live training sessions, and community support after the course is finished.

How long is each class? 5 weeks. The first week is orientation to ensure that every student is setup properly with the learning platform. In the following 4 weeks, participants complete one game development course every week.

What happens if I lose a live training session? We'll post the recorded session so you can watch it on your time.

I have other questions. Please contact us directly at [email protected] for more information.

Who can participate? A) Any student in grades 4 and above. Students under the age of 13 must be registered by their parents or guardin. B) Any teacher who teaches in a regular or online school, or coding club.

Is prior Computer Science or coding experience required? No. All the lessons in this course are designed for beginners.

Where is the training held? Online. Once your registration is confirmed, we'll send you the details for the course and online weekly meetings.

What happens if I fall behind? During your annual membership, you can postpone your participation to the next cohort.

What is the language of the course? English.