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What is Actimator

Actimator is an online platform for K-12 Computer Science (CS) education. It includes a software specially made for learning computer science and coding by making video games, detailed hands-on courses, live training , and community support. Actimator software is Web-based and runs on any computer with no installation required. Actimator courses include self-paced text and video tutorials. Live Training and community support are offered as part of Actimator Academy, an online Computer Science course that is designed for students who do not receive CS education at school, as well as teachers who would like to teach CS in their class. Actimator is developed by Computer Scientists, Education Technology Specialists, K-12 Computer Science Researchers and Teachers. Actimator Academy was awarded support from the National Science Foundation.

learn to code
by making video games

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How it Works

Choose a Game To Make

Actimator makes it fast and easy to build computer games only in hours. It runs completely in your Web browser. No installation required!

Learn Coding by Making That Game

Self-paced tutorials teach you all you need to create beautiful games completely from scratch. No prior coding experience is required.

Receive Support

Need mentoring? Join Actimator Academy. The community answers any game design and coding questions that you might have.

Share and Help Others

Share your games on the Web, iOS, and Android. Become a member of our community and help others learn and solve problems.

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Online Computer Science School

Game-based Curriculum

Video game design is the "Secret Sauce" that encourages students to learn Computer Science. Actimator curriculum is built around creating and publishing video games during which students practice Computer Science and coding topics.

Live Training

Every Saturday we meet online to study a weekly module and do hands-on activities together. Can't make it on Saturdays? No problem. We'll record the training sessions and you can watch them later.

Community Support

Have questions? Need help with your code? The community is here for you. Just post your questions and receive answers in a timely manner. And feel free to help others in the community.

Next class starts January 13, 2019

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